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November 6, 2012 / RA

Recent bakes

Recent bakes

Pumpkin butterscotch cookies: A Pumpkin Month favorite! I accidentally used my 1.5-tablespoon scoop for these, and they ended up much larger than I wanted. Note to self (and in my recipe binder): use the 2-teaspoon scoop from now on. Larger cookies notwithstanding, JG commented that I “always make a million” whenever I make these. That’s because people eat them!

Sugar cookies: It’s been a while since I flexed my decorating muscles, but these cookies for UD’s homecoming made me excited to do this again for Christmas.

Pumpkin scones: New recipe for me! I made these scones for our tea-themed book club and they turned out great! I wanted to make them for work, too, so I doubled the recipe and formed them into individual scones rather than cutting wedges (method described here), flash froze them, and then baked them straight from the freezer. I got 20 3-inch scones this way, and I highly recommend the freezing method. I ran out of time, so I didn’t make the glaze, but they didn’t need it. These are very, very nice with a cup of tea.

Mushroom pizza: This pizza was noteworthy for 2 main reasons: ingredients and cooking method. As for ingredients, I spread a mixture of roasted garlic and minced anchovies on my pizza dough before saucing, and then I piled on crimini and portobello mushrooms that I sliced very thinly and sauteed in butter. So good! Then we took our awesome new pizza steel for its maiden voyage and got the best crust results ever. JG still has to fiddle with the technique to optimize it for our oven, but our pizzas turned out so well, even though it was the first try.

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls: On the weeks that I sing at church, I always bring a breakfast-y baked good because those of us on the team are there for about 5 hours. Months ago, I posted a picture of some birthday cinnamon rolls that I brought to work, and a Facebook friend from church made a request for them the next time I sang. Ha. So, when Deb posted this new recipe at just the right time, I jumped at it. I doubled the recipe to get 2 8×8″ pans with 9 rolls in each. Guys, these are so good. Mine turned out kind of rumpled and not as pretty, but they tasted awesome. Per usual, I ran out of time to make the real glaze, so I just made a quick one out of maple syrup and confectioner’s sugar. No one complained.

Chocolate spider web cupcakes: I brought these to our Halloween dinner party, and they’re just my go-to chocolate cupcake and vanilla frosting. I made the spider webs by piping chocolate ganache in concentric circles and then dragging outward with a toothpick. At first, I was annoyed that my circles weren’t uniform, but then I realized that Halloween is the one holiday that it’s okay — nay, expected — that things are crooked and decrepit. Works for me.

Sparkly chocolate cupcakes: And then I ran out of vanilla frosting, like an idiot, so I had to improvise. I dipped the remaining cupcakes in the leftover ganache and then rolled them in red sanding sugar. I thought they looked pretty ghoulish in the end.

Chocolate pretzel bites: More Halloween treats! I used Reese’s pieces for the first time, and even though the color is festive, you really don’t taste the peanut butter.

Pumpkin snickerdoodles: This is another Pumpkin Month redux, and it’s well worth it. However, I had somehow repressed the memory that rolling the dough into balls is ridiculously sticky and awful. But, you know, really tasty cookies will make you forget that unpleasantness.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at some point, too. That’s just pumpkin bread with some chocolate chips and baked in a muffin tin. Oh, and pumpkin dip! I brought the dip to work and laid out storebought gingersnaps to go with it, and I kept getting emails asking how I got the gingersnaps to be so uniform. That was pretty funny.


  1. NGS / Nov 6 2012 10:03 am

    Pumpkin!! I wait all year to be able to make pumpkin goodies!!

  2. badger reader / Nov 6 2012 10:30 am

    Baking steel – “virtually indestructible”? Does that mean it won’t rust? I love my baking stone for pizza and bread, but I am intrigued (I mean not $$$ intrigued… yet). Despite stress eating for days, this collage of goodies are making my mouth water. YUM!

  3. heidikins / Nov 6 2012 10:58 am

    Pumpkin-butterscotch cookies!? So making these! Tonight! Yum!


  4. victoria / Nov 6 2012 11:03 am

    I made the pumpkin cinnamon rolls too and I thought they tasted very yeasty. I keep meaning to break out my Mark Bittman “how to cook everything” cinnamon roll recipe and compare the two to see if the difference was my imagination (or my tastebuds being weird). I made them for my family and everyone agreed they tasted yeasty, but maybe they were just agreeing with me to be nice!

    Otherwise, I agree they were good. Nice subtle pumpkin flavor. I just made a basic glaze with milk and powdered sugar and a little vanilla. I

    • RA / Nov 8 2012 10:56 am

      I totally messed up the yeast in this, so I feel like I can’t speak to the yeastiness of the roll. I hate hate HATE blooming yeast in warm liquid and almost always mess it up. I’d definitely try this again, though.

      On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Definitely RA

  5. Jesabes / Nov 6 2012 5:33 pm

    I love everything pumpkin. I really wanted to try those pumpkin cinnamon rolls, but I’m not that kind of baker (more of a dump and pour kind of person).

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